About the Tour de Nez

2013 Schedule & Registration

It all started as a party without a bike race in 1986 as the 1st anniversary of Reno's first full blown coffee house, Deux Gros Nez. During the year 7 anniversary party in 1992, the mighty Tour de Nez criterium was added as another piece of the entertainment at the party
And now, after 20 years of various forms of Nez: In a world of constant evolution, what was know as Reno’s best community event, the tour de Nez is heading into a new era, the 2nd 20 years w/ a new Chief.    The Tour de Nez is on.  Back to the scheduled dates of July 27 and 28 and bringing you every piece of what is known as "America's coolest race"   Everything the Tour de Nez is known for from the Pros to the clunkers, messengers and kids races, handcycles and wanna-bes will still be there. Even those who don’t care about bikes but are looking for a good party and a great community event – will be part of the next generation of the Mighty, Mighty, Tour de Nez.